Northern Michigan Gets In on Mega Millions Mania

Mega Millions tickets are being bought at a frenzy pace across Michigan as people want in on a shot at history.

Friday’s Mega Millions drawing will be for a record $1 billion.

Millions of tickets have been sold in Michigan alone for the drawing.

It’s this massive jackpot that’s bringing people like Jackie Baker to convince stores across northern Michigan. Jackie isn’t a regular lottery player, but says she couldn’t pass up a chance at this kind of money.

“It has to get pretty high, I saw on your news last night that it’s going to be up to a billion so I thought wow we got to get in, as my brother says you have to be in to win so, in his honor we’re here,” said Baker.

Jackie even had a special strategy when it comes to picking out her numbers.

“Of course birthday’s, my mom’s passed, so I made sure I got her birthday in there and just lucky numbers along your life time. It’s a day’s entertainment thinking about it and adding toward someone who is going to win it eventually, and hopefully they’ll do good with it it’s kind of a pay it forward,” said Baker.

As for what to do with the money we heard just about every dream possible today from vacation to new cars to helping out charities in northern Michigan.

“My husband won’t buy unless it’s over I think he said a million, but the chances now are even less. A lot of sharing I have a family that needs it,” said Phyllis Petzler.