TCAPS Fixing Situation That Could End With $700,000 Loss

“I’m really disappointed that somebody, for some agenda, is trying to undermine what we’re providing for students,” said TCAPS superintendent Paul Soma.

Traverse City Area Public Schools is trying to fix a situation that could end with the loss of $700,000.

The Michigan Department of Education told the Traverse Bay Intermediate School District that they needed to deduct the funding for 102 students counted at TCAPS schools last year.

Soma says this all started with an anonymous letter being sent to the state, with what he says contained malicious and incorrect information

“I was notified on Tuesday of a matter in which the state told our ISD to reclassify students from our Northern Michigan Partnership,” said Soma.

Soma says he knows there’s not an issue with their numbers and contacted the state.

“He said it sounds like there might be a problem on their end, reinstated the $700,000 that they had already taken away because they immediately took the $700,000 away, per their laws and rules,” said Soma.

Northern Michigan Partnership is a program that offers elective classes for students who are home schooled.

Technically a virtual school but TCAPS opens up classrooms one day a week for those students.

“It has helped a lot in them branching out so I think it would limit their exposure to possibilities to their future and it’s also helped just socially connecting with other families and a support system in the area,” said parent Julie Huebner.

Soma says they had the counts audited and approved three separate times.

Confident in their numbers and how they classify these students.

“Why is somebody sending misinformation to the state and then why would someone then use that misinformation and project it as some type of a criticism before having all the information,” said Soma.

Again the state has already reinstated the money to the school and Soma is asking the school board to discuss this at their meeting on Monday.