Association of Michigan Basketmakers Hosting Annual Conference In October

“I started maybe 25 years ago,” said Christie Trout, a member of the Association of Michigan Basketmakers.

These ladies have spent decades worth of time and tradition making baskets alongside each other with the Association of Michigan Basketmakers.

“It’s a group of basketmakers mainly from Michigan but also some out of state people,” said Nancy Doughty, also a member.

Proving weaving your way to the finished product could happen countless ways.

“You start at the center and kind of do different things as you go along,” explained Trout. “I’ll do these different stitches, different shapes, it’s all done with like needle and thread where the baseket starts in the center and it coils around.”

Even more satisfying than the instant gratification of making something with your own two hands is being able to use the basket when it’s complete.

“I use my baskets to carry things back and forth, to hold fruit,” said another member, Sue Lawrence. “I think if you make them, you should use them.”

But more than making baskets, they’re making life-long friends.

“I feel a special connection to those people and nature to give us the material to work,” she said. “The people I have met, I might not have met otherwise and we’ve all become friends, we are all different and unique but pulled together in that way.”

For more information on the annual conference at Shanty Creek Resort, click here.

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