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Adventurer, Author Mary McKSchmidt’s Love Affair With The Great Lakes

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Many in Northern Michigan can readily understand a person’s great love of water.

But you’ve never heard of a love quite like this.

Mary McKSchmidt is an adventurer who wandered across South Africa, a sailor, and executive of a Fortune 500 Company.

But she’s so much more than that, including author of “Uncharted Waters: Romance, Adventure and Advocacy on the Great Lakes.”

She says her inspiration to start writing came from someone else.

“I met this woman who said, ‘you know what Mary, your face just lights up any time you talk about the Great Lakes,” she says. “And I said well, so, and she said. ‘Why don’t you write about it?’ And so I got a thesaurus and dictionary and started writing.”

What she wrote was like a snappy memoir chronicling her adventures and time spent sailing on Michigan’s freshwater—with a beautiful takeaway.

“These lakes are so integral to so many of us it is so easy to take for granted,” she says. “They are at risk. Scientist are saying that if we do not do something, the damage is beyond repair. So my goal in writing this book is to create seeds of awareness. To let people know that these lakes, the health of these lakes are at risk.”

For more information on Mary McKSchmidt and her books, visit her website .

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