Michigan’s 4th Congressional District Race Heats Up

There is another closely watched race in Michigan, the 4th Congressional District in mid and northern Michigan.

Republican incumbent Congressman John Moolenaar is seeking re-election against democratic opponent Jerry Hilliard.

Moolenaar says there are a range of issues he wants to keep working on in Washington. 

“The farm bill, we want to bring that to a resolution, and I hope that’s before the election, but right now those conference committees meetings have not yielded a result we’d like, want to make sure we have a funding plan in place for the federal government for 2019,” said Moolenaar.

But he’ll have to fend off Democratic challenger Jerry Hilliard who’s running on a platform of helping the middle class.

“I would like to see a healthcare system that works for everyone, we are spending more money than any other developed country on healthcare and we’re not getting the results that we should,” said Hilliard.

Moolenaar touted the talk he and two other congressman had with President Trump in April about funding a new Soo lock.

“We knew this was something we wanted to talk with him about. When we finished briefing him on it, he had written a lot of notes, he left the vehicle and I was thinking I have to follow and find the person he hands his notes to, instead he brought it right up on stage and gave his speech and talked about the importance of the Soo Locks and so right there we knew he’s a believer,” said Moolenaar.

Hilliard says he’d work to ensure the new lock gets built.

“I would work with the other representatives to make sure that it happens. It’s very important not just to Michigan, it’s important to the whole country and the Midwest especially. So I think it should be a high priority for every politician even if you don’t live in the Great Lakes area,” said Hilliard.

And finally, on Proposal 2, that would end Gerrymandering

“I’m going to vote no and it’s because I believe that you want people who are accountable to the voters making these kinds of decisions,” said Moolenaar.

Hilliard supports Prop 2.

“When one party has all three branches and they don’t give the other side a chance to even be involved them that’s bad for civility,” said Hilliard.


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