Michael Shatters Southern Towns, Nearly 1M Without Power

Rescue crews are going door to door in Mexico Beach, Florida looking for any survivors of Hurricane Michael.

The now quiet tourist town took the brunt of the storm’s 155 mph winds.

State officials say nearly 300 people ignored the mandatory evacuation order.

A weakened but still furious Michael moved through the southeastern part of the country Thursday, killing at least a half-dozen people along the way.

Roughly 1.5 million people from Florida to Virginia are without power.

The damage left behind is so severe and widespread it’s shocking to even the most experienced rescue workers.

“I’ve been in the fire service 35-36 years and to see freight train cars just blown over, semis blown off the road into the woods. It’s just unimaginable,” said James Byrd of the Sarasota County Fire Department.

Rescue teams warn more lives may be in danger as the storm continues to move up the east coast.