Finn’s Fighters Take on the Windy City for MDA

Last month we told you about five Traverse City Firefighters running a marathon alongside a team called Finn’s Fighters.

It’s a team centered on a 7-year-old boy named Finn Sawhill who faces a rare muscle disorder.

Finn’s Fighters raced in the Chicago marathon last weekend.

Their goal was to raise awareness and money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and they did just that.

“For Finn’s Fighters we had 32 total runners for the MDA we had just under 300. It’s overwhelming to see all those people raising money and doing something for such a great cause,” said Finn’s dad, Patrick Sawhill.

All summer long Finn’s Fighters tirelessly trained for the Chicago marathon. When it was time to race in the windy city, Finn’s Fighters were ready including Traverse City firefighter, Nate McKerchie.

“Seeing everybody that you make an impact on makes it that much more easier to put 26.2 miles in,” said McKerchie.

The goal was to raise $75,000 for the MDA.

Before they crossed the finish line, they surpassed the $75,000 mark.

“We hit that during the race. The 300 runners for the MDA raised it’s going up but it’s about $570,000 right now,” said Sawhill.

The money raised will go towards research to find a cure, developmental therapies, and medication.

“It’s for hope. There’s a lot of kids and adults living with muscle disease and it’s something they’re working continuously to improve the lives of those folks,” said Sawhill.

“I was in tears, seeing pat and Finn and everyone else that were helping to hopefully find a cure for this neuromuscular illness is awesome, it’s just overwhelming, it didn’t even feel like any effort placed on running you were just thinking of that the whole time so it or your mind in a better spot,” said McKerchie.

And of cours,e Finn was there cheering on his dad and the rest of Finn’s Fighters.

“I saw Finn at mile 3 and mike 12. This is year five for me and I come away from that weekend just amazed every time at what is accomplished and what people can do to help out,” said Sawhill.

Finn’s Fighters are already signing up for next year’s race and are looking for people to join the fight to find a cure for muscular dystrophy.

Click here, if you would like to donate.