Central Michigan University Upgrades Campus Security


Central Michigan University has been improving their security on campus.

It’s a response to the shooting in a residence hall in March that killed two people.

The CMU student, James Davis, was moving out of his room for spring break when he shot and killed both of his parents.

The court found him incompetent to stand on trial and are waiting to re-evaluate.

The university is making security improvements they say are necessary.

They are stepping up security with their classrooms, resident halls and by launching a new website.

“The new website has a major portion that let people know how they can prepare for emergencies and also what to do when an event occur,” said Jonathan Webb, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management at CMU.

After re- assessing their security, CMU found four areas to approve.

Education in training, access controls, communications and overall emergency management processes.

“All the information that we provide here at Central is also tied to the ready.gov website which follows the way Department of Homeland Security would respond to any type of major event,” said Webb.

Locking doors on resident halls is one of the many ways that CMU is upgrading their security in order to get into a residential hall, an access card is necessary.

“Card access is just another signal to our students, our community, family members that we are invested in the safety and security of our campus,” said Kathleen Gardner, Director of Residence Life at CMU.

Locks on classrooms have also been updated with manual locks and electric ones that notify police when pushed.

“Safety is the number one priority here. Taking care of our students, our faculty, our staff and our guests,” said Webb.

Freshman Justin Lyle says he feel perfectly safe on campus.

“Being safe’s the number priority I feel like as a student. You don’t want to worry about getting hurt. You’re here to learn, you’re not here to worry for any reason besides maybe an exam,” said Lyle.

CMU says they will continue to evaluate and make changes where they feel they need to.