New Program from the State to Help With Opioid Crisis

As the Opioid crisis intensifies, the state introduced a new program to fight it.

Medicaid now offers an Opioid Health Home Program.

Centra Wellness Network of Manistee and Benzie counties is one of the first to provide it.

The health home is not a place, but a service for those with physical and mental health problems.

If you qualify for this new program you will be provided with a therapist, a nurse care manager and a recovery coach.

The goal is to make it easy for patients to get what they need to end addiction.

“This team will keep that line of communication open between all of these entities so that everybody’s on board and understands what this individual is going through, what their treatment course is so that there’s no road blocks or no complications,” said Karen Goodman, Director of Systems Development for Centra Wellness.

Centra Wellness just started their first patient in this program Thursday. They said it was positive and they are anticipating great success from this.