Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Death of 14-Month-Old Stepdaughter

The stepfather of a 14 month-year-old killed almost two years ago was sentenced to life in prison Thursday afternoon.

In front of a crowded court room, Wayne Brown was given the mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole for the murder of his 14-month-old step daughter Laylah Heether.

Brown was watching Layla and her six siblings last February when her mother came home and found her unresponsive.

Originally he said she fell off the couch, but autopsy showed repeated abuse and injuries must have been caused by Brown while in his supervision.

Thursday afternoon at his sentencing, Laylah’s mother Breann Tabor and her father spoke to brown before the judge sentenced him to life.

“And I hope the memory haunts you know I know it won’t because psychopath like you don’t have a conscience no remorse you enjoy inflicting another people so I hope you get what you deserve by going to prison for the rest of your life,” Laylah’s mother, Breann said.

Brown’s family was not able to speak at the sentencing, but his stepfather denies the allegations and says they will put up a final fight at his appeal.