What’s Trending Wednesday: Favorite Board Games

Just because it’s gloomy outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your inside!

It’s alright to stay in with friends and family.

We’ve rounded up our favorite board games in today’s What Trending Wednesday!

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but also that laughter is the best medicine.

With Apples to Apples,

you don’t have to choose.

Each turn a judge reads a green apple card with a description.

From your hand, play the red card with the best combination.

If the judge likes your pick the best, you win!

What is Life?

Truly a question that has confounded philosophers for centuries and also a fantastic tabletop game.

You use a spinner to move across the board making choices that affect what kind of plastic house you’ll wind up living in and if you can be a millionaire.

Finally, we have Settlers of Catan.

This is a resource building game.

The goal is to grow the fastest by trading, harvesting, and crafting the road to victory.

You get one point for each settlement you establish and two for each city.

The first to ten wins!

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