Phi Sigma Phi Gets Kicked Off CMU’s Campus

Central Michigan University has decided to officially kick off Phi Sigma Phi fraternity.

The university says in the past three years, there have been around 13 accusations against the former student organization.

Tim Green, a student at CMU, supports their decision and said, “you know if you can’t act right, you can’t be part of the school, sorry.”

According to the university, the accusations against Phi Sigma Phi include sexual misconduct, hazing and violation of the university’s alcohol policy.

A recent investigation by CMU took place last spring after a fraternity member fell down the stairs and died in the hospital following a social event at one of the fraternity’s houses.

As for the other investigations, Tony Voisin, Associate Vice President for student affairs said, “if a victim or survivor is not interested in continuing to participate in a full investigation, we get to a point and there’s nothing more we can learn because people don’t want to talk to us any further.”

The National Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity released a statement saying they were unaware of some of the accusations against them.

In addition they state, “We cannot sit by as the university continues to act in what could only be described as not in the best interest of all students, and delivers punishments for accusations that they have no proof of.”

The National Fraternity has chosen to continue to support the former CMU chapter unless there is evidence supporting these accusations that is revealed.

Phi Sigma Phi says they were also promised a hearing to confront these accusations, however that never took place.

Voisin explained that the hearing would have been part of the student code of conduct.

“The decision made to remove the recognition is an administrative decision, not part of the code of conduct so the university in its registered student organization manual and polices does indicate the university has the ability to recognize and not recognize who it chooses as an RSO,” said Voisin

National Phi Sigma Phi also stated, “If a public university is willing to take such drastic action without a hearing, and based solely on secret allegations of misconduct, it should make all students wonder what other students’ rights the university is willing to violate? Who will be next?”

According to the university, they feel they have made the right decision.

For the full statement from Phi Sigma Phi National Fraternity, click here.