Northern Michigan in Focus: Deadwood Grove Haunted Trail

What do you do when you need to raise some money for a good cause?

The members of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Mid-Michigan campus in Harrison decided they’d like to scare you!

Corey Adkins takes us to Deadwood Grove Haunted Trail in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus. 

“This weekend and the other two weekends after this we have Deadwood Grove Haunted Trail, which is a creepy trail that you can walk through and get scared,” explained Sarah Kohler.

Creepy is right. Let’s take Lillie Waldron for instance. Guess what her nick name is?

“Creepy little girl,” said Lillie.

Her goal?

“I’d like to make people think that I’m weird and crazy,” explained Lillie.

Sarah told us, “Lillie has been with us since she’s been nine years old. She has a shrill scream that makes you cringe.”

Walking through Deadwood Grove Haunted Trail, you never know what’s in front of, or behind you.

“We don’t push it too far, but we’ll push right to the edge where you’re like ‘I’m fearing for my life a little bit,’” explained Sarah.

Speaking of fear, let’s get back to Lillie. 

“She’s the one when you get off the trail you always hear ‘that little girl was terrifying, the scariest thing out there!’ So you better watch out for her,” Sarah warned.

So if you want a good scare for a good cause, the Deadwood Grove Haunted Trail on Mid-Michigan’s Harrison campus might be what you’re looking for.

“It’s taking on a life of its own and we absolutely love that it has, and we loved it! Everybody comes out each year and gets scared,” said Sarah.

If you dare!

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