Local Artists Prepare For Empty Bowls Hosted By Food Rescue

“We appreciate Julie so much for all her commitment and passion to helping her neighbors in need by making her bowls,” said Sue Vado with Goodwill of Northern Michigan.

Julie Chai is one of the roughly 30 local artists contributing to the wide variety of bowls available at empty bowls.

“I will throw the ball and then we will trim it,” said Julie Chai, a local artist and owner of Chai Pottery.

She spends hours on end sliding her hands through every step of the way on the clay until she gets her finished product.

“We give anywhere from 70 to 90 bowls,” Chai said.

A sizable donation, for a sizable cause.

“Empty bowls is our largest fundraiser for Food Rescue Of Northern Michigan,” said Vado.

The bowls Julie’s making will be filled with soup at the Empty Bowls event donated by local restaurants.

“We are hoping to raise $30,000 dollars for a food rescue plan which operates in five counties in Northern Michigan here, it delivers healthy foods to five counties,” said Vado.

Food Rescue has been hosting Empty Bowls for five years.

Julie has been here for every one of them.

Once her bowls are all set, she volunteers more than just her artwork. She also dedicates her time at the actual event.

“I get to work in the bowl room and that’s a lot of fun, I get to see everyone that is so grateful to be there and they’re having so much fun with the food and the music,” said Chai.

While she enjoys practicing her hobby for hours on end leading up to the big day…

“Every time the paint brush goes on the pot, it’s a new experience because it’s a different pot and how the colors accept it and what happens with that is always exciting,” said Chai.

The significance extends beyond the event and past the bowl.

It’s a blessing.

“We are making blessing bowls so we know that somebody is going to be blessed when they get it,” explained Chai.For more information, click here.


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