Bill Schuette Discusses Key Issues in the Race for Governor

In exactly four weeks, Michigan voters will choose between Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, and Republican Bill Schuette for governor. 9&10 News talking to both sides. Tuesday, Kevin Essebaggers sat down with Michigan Attorney General Scheutte to learn more about his stance on the issues… And began with what he calls his paycheck agenda.

Schuette says, “the paycheck agenda is about more paychecks, bigger paychecks and growth. I’m running for governor because I want Michigan to grow. Bill Schuette says that can be achieved through income tax cuts, and auto insurance reform, “We need to crack down on insurance fraud and stop frivolous lawsuits, and give Michigan citizens a choice in their insurance coverage.”

Like his opponent, Schuette says fixing Michigan roads should be a priority, but that his approach to securing the more than $2 billion a year to do it, is different. “When she says she wants to fix the roads, watch out, she means more taxes. To meet that number you talked about, there’d have to be a 20-30 cent per gallon gas tax hike. Frankly, we have a $58 billion budget in Michigan. We need priorities, and we can do that. When I’m governor roads will be a priority.”

And he says he’ll ask Washington for more federal funding for roads.

On health insurance coverage and Michigan’s expanded Medicare program, Schuette says, “everybody needs the right of accessible and affordable health care, and Healthy Michigan is the law in Michigan, and it’s not going away. Any healthcare plan needs the following: We need to cover pre-existing conditions. I’ve always covered that my opponent is not telling the truth when she says anything contrary.”

As Attorney General, Schuette signed on to nine lawsuits challenging the Affordable Care Act, which guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions. But he also has said he doesn’t want to get rid of coverage for pre-existing conditions.

When asked which way he’d have it, Schuette says, “it’s Democratic scare tactics about Obamacare. I opposed Obamacare because you didn’t get to choose your own doctor. So I opposed that but at the very same time always said we should cover pre-existing conditions.”

Then there’s Proposal 1, that asks voters whether recreational marijuana should be legal in Michigan. 9&10 News asked how he felt about possibly being governor if that proposal becomes law.

“Any of the three proposals on the ballot, should they become law, I will implement them fully to the letter of the law,” despite his concerns over legal marijuana. “I have concerns because of the opioid crisis. More people have died from heroin overdoses than car accidents. More prescriptions than we have population,” Schuette said.

When asked what connection there is between legal marijuana and the opioid crisis, Schuette says,”Here’s my point. My opposition to legalizing marijuana is with the problems we have with opioids today, that putting more drugs in the hands of children is a huge concern of mine.”

We also asked Bill Schuette if Line 5 should be shut down while a tunnel is built, whether Nestle should be allowed to pump more water in Michigan, and his prediction of the election’s outcome. You can listen to the Schuette interview in its entirety on the latest 9&10 News Focus podcast.

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