Alanson Elementary School Collecting Caps For Kids

Reduce, reuse, recycle, a common practice most schools teach students.

Alanson Elementary School is making sure they follow that motto to help the earth and build friendships along the way.

The school is partnering with Green Tree Plastics out of Indiana to repurpose recyclable plastic into a buddy bench or a friendship table for their playground.

“We are getting caps and lids for the sole purpose to be repurposed to a buddy bench or a friendship table so that way the kids that have a harder time socializing or need a place to go to make friends that they have that available to them,” said fourth-grade teacher, Erika Lynch.

Caps for kids will recycle the plastic and turn it into a place where students can find friendship on the playground

“If somebody at recess doesn’t have really have anyone to play with they can go sit at the bench and somebody would see them sitting over there so they would go sit over there and talk to them and make new friends,” said fourth grader, Trinity Cousinie.

It takes 250 pounds of plastic to make one bench, so far the school is halfway there.

“So they’re taking that idea of cleaning up the earth but then they know it’s going to be turned into something powerful like a buddy bench or friendship table, something they had their hands on and created themselves by the simple act of recycling,” said Lynch.

Each classroom is going head to head to collect the most plastic.

The winning class at the end gets to put their signature on the buddy bench or friendship table.

The school is also accepting plastic donations from the public.

They will be done collecting the caps in February and will have the buddy bench or a friendship table in March.