Morley Stanwood Student Honored for Lifesaving Actions

A Morley Stanwood High School student is back in school just days after being hit by a car at the bus stop.

Kory Knapp and his niece belle were crossing the street to get on the bus Monday morning when a car did not stop.

It happened in Montcalm County just south of Morley on north Bailey Road near Yankee Road.

Kory pushed Bella out of the way of the path of the car and took the brunt of the impact from it.

He had a broken knee and ruptured spleen and Bella had a concussion.

Troopers say the driver did stop, and has not been arrested or charged.

Kory was able to return to school yesterday and was back today to receive an incredible honor.

As Morley Stanwood High School gathered to celebrate the end of their homecoming week there was added reason to celebrate, because one student could simply be there.

“I was speechless, I’ve never felt this before, like I felt everyone looked up to me at that point,” said Knapp.

Senior Kory Knapp was back in school just days after he was hit by a car as he and his niece Bella were boarding the bus Monday morning.

“There was this car coming that didn’t stop, my niece ran out, so I heard the bus honk, I looked and I saw the car coming, I ran and I pushed my niece and I got hit,” said Kory.

It was just the third stop of the day for longtime bus driver Sherry Sarns.

“I was coming up on the stop, and I saw a car coming, and when I stopped and turned the lights on and opened the door. The car did not slow down, so I immediately started honking the horn and then the terrible sound of someone just got hit,” said Sarns.

Just days later Kory and Bella were back at Morley Stanwood as police honored Kory for his decision Monday morning.

“A feeling you can’t explain, from going to I really thought they were gone in the minute it happened because it hit so hard to they’re going to be okay,” said Sarns.

A split second, life changing, lifesaving decision.

“Just go with your gut, and don’t be afraid to sacrifice yourself because it works out in the long run,” said Kory.

Kory and Bella’s bus driver says the best part of this ending is knowing she’ll be able to pick Kory and Bella up for school again.