What’s Trending Wednesday: Scrabble Dictionary

Ever play a game of scrabble and feel frustrated that you can’t use some of your favorite new words?

Well lucky for you Meriam Webster’s Dictionary has partnered with the Hasbro to release the 2018 edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

There are over 300 new words and we’re going to share our favorites for What’s Trending Wednesday.

First up is Sriracha, the spicy pepper sauce that’s become popular nationwide.

It’ll heat up your game for 13 points.

Next is emoji.

The cute little icons people use to express themselves and add tone to their texts.

It’ll give you a hand with 14 points.

Lastly is facepalm.

No, that’s not how we feel about this segment, this too is one of the new words in the game.

You facepalm when a loud sigh isn’t enough to express your dismay.

Your opponent will do so too when you play it for a whopping 17 points.

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