Caregiver Accused of Leaving Elderly Man at McDonald’s for Hours

Police say a caregiver dropped off a 78-year-old vulnerable adult off at McDonald’s and left him there for hours.

Now there’s a warrant out for her arrest.

On September 17, Mount Pleasant police say they were called to the McDonald’s on Pickard Road to check on an elderly man who had been left alone.

Police say the man was covered in his own urine, and had a bandage on his head covered in dried blood from a recent injury.

The victim is from Sterling Heights.

Police say it appears he also suffers from dementia.

“There is a vulnerable adult law on the books where if you’re a caregiver there are certain things that you cannot do. And one of those is obviously leaving a patient by themselves with no means of contacting help,” Officer David Vandyke said.

The victim was treated at the hospital.

A warrant was issued for the state caregiver’s arrest.