A Charlevoix Co. Township Without a Treasurer; Board Disputing Over Potential Replacement

A Charlevoix County Township board is at odds over who will fill the position of treasurer after the sitting treasurer resigned.

Hayes Township Treasurer Robbin Kraft resigned September 20 and the board’s been at a stalemate over who should replace her.

“The board is at an impasse. Two people are voting for the candidate that will be on the ballot in November and two people are voting for the current deputy treasurer to take her place,” Hayes Township Clerk Marlene Golovich, said.

A vote stuck at 2-2.

According to Golovich she and trustee Paul Hoadley want the deputy treasurer to take over.

“Our attorney has given us an opinion that the deputy treasurer can stay on in lieu of the resignation of the treasurer,” she explained.

But Township Supervisor Ron Van Zee and the other trustee on the board see it differently.

“They are not elected by the public, so when the term of the treasurer is up, the term of the deputy is up,” Van Zee, said.

Neither side has budged and the township has bills to pay and payroll to sign next week, an issue they plan to continue discussing at a meeting next week.

“It is critical that we be able to pay our bills, it is critical that deposits are made in the bank,” Van Zee, added.

“Until we get this cleared up and put in this position it is not getting done,” Golovich, explained.

But let’s be clear, this disagreement, and every point of contention here in Hayes Township, can be traced back to another decision.

“There was a lot of people that didn’t want the park to begin with and when they started talking about the big whole plan it started to divide the township even more,” Van Zee, explained.

The decision to purchase Hayes Township Park Camp Sea-Gull and put millions of dollars into upgrading the area, is the root cause of this division.

A division that can be seen on the board and on campaign signs throughout the community.

It’s the reason there’s a recall for the township clerk and a trustee on this November ballot.

“We are hoping that we can get this cleared up and we can conduct business, and pay bills and our employees get paid and our taxes get dispersed and everything else will work out in the election,” Golovich, said.

“We are trying to mend the township. On November 6th the people will speak, the people will tell us what they want, and that’s our only recourse at this point in time,” Van Zee, said.