Two Women Start Drug Treatment Program in Antrim County

“This is just my way of kind of giving back and kind of letting them know hey you can start from nothing and become something,” said Andrea Kline.

A new program is hoping to put a stop to a growing problem in our region.

Antrim County didn’t have any type of addiction treatment centers, until two women got together to start a program in the jail.

One, a recovering addict.

The other, lost her son to addiction but it’s bringing help and hope to those after they leave the jail.

“I have been in recovery for 14 years myself and when I had the choice to get clean or continue using, there wasn’t anything for me to go to,” said Kline. “I didn’t know who to turn to, I didn’t know what kind of resources there were.”

Every week, Kline spends her Friday at the Antrim County jail discussing a topic chosen by the inmates.

“Something that’s a barrier for them for treatment, something that keeps them relapsing and I bring those materials in and we have an open discussion about them,” said Kline.

Something they might not have gotten before the program was started.

“We realized that there’s no treatment centers in Antrim County, there’s no drug court in Antrim County, there wasn’t even a narcotics anonymous or any type of support group,” said Robin Sommer.

Ending what they say is a revolving door by providing a door to recovery and a different tomorrow.

“I don’t want to see any more children being raised without their parents and I don’t want to see any more parents burying their children,” said Sommer.

“To see them go from, well this is how my life is going to be all the tim,e I’m just going to continue to relapse and this is basically my home to oh hey I might have hope, there is something out there, I might be able to find something and do something with my life,” said Kline. “And that gives me inspiration to continue doing it.”