Two Students Recovering After Bus Stop Crash in Montcalm Co.

It was a horrifying situation Monday morning in Montcalm County as a car hits two students at their bus stop. The accident happened at about 7 a.m. as two students crossed the street to get to their bus. The 19-year old and a 5-year old were sent to the hospital to be evaluated for their non life threatening injuries.

“It was chaos, says Denise Knapp, grandmother and great grandmother of the victims, “It was just chaos, so we covered up Corey.”

Corey is the 19-year old-uncle to 5-year-old Bella, both hit by the car. The elder student took the brunt of the accident, protecting his niece.

“Corey was not so much oriented, wondering what happened,” says Knapp, “How did this happen?”

Knapp says Corey suffered a spleen injury and a hurt knee while Bella suffered a mild concussion. That’s an outcome they are very thankful for given what it look like when they arrived on the scene,”

“The car was very messed up there was a smashed windshield, a headlight and the front grill,” says Knapp.

As of now the driver has not been charged as Michigan State Police continue to investigate the crash. It was a grey, rainy, dark morning in the Montcalm County countryside.

“People aren’t necessarily going any slower and, to be honest with you, I think sometimes are less observant because there’s less traffic,” says Morley-Stanwood superintendent Roger Cole, “How this happened, I couldn’t tell you. I don’t know the details.”

As police figure out the details and the two students recover from the crash, family and friends are thankful it wasn’t any worse and hope they never have to see a day like this again.

“I worry about a lot of things and have to admit sometimes that’s one of them,” says Cole.