Local Dairy Farmers Praise President for USMCA Trade Deal

Michigan farmers are praising President Trump for his role in putting together a new North American trade deal.

We spoke to local dairy farmers who call the agreement a really good deal.

It scrapped parts of Canada’s dairy program which was seen to undercut American dairy farmers.

Canada was selling two classes of milk, class 6 and class 7, that the U.S. did not have. Those classes included powdered milk products.

Now, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement trade deal will open American dairy farmers up to an additional share of the Canadian market.

“This agreement eliminates class 6 and 7 so it eliminates 3.6 percent of Canada’s milk market to the U.S. for the first time,” said Jarris Rubingh, a dairy farmer whose business has been in the family for 110 years.  “Anytime there’s trade, both sides win…this agreement is better than NAFTA, President Trump did a really good job.”

The deal also solidifies U.S.-Mexico relations. This is key, because Mexico is a big importer of milk. They get lots of dairy product from the U.S. because it is too hot for cows to produce quality milk in the country’s climate.

Almost one-seventh of farmer Rubingh’s milk goes to our southern neighbor.