Traverse City Residents Talk Kavanaugh Hearing

People across the country have been keeping a close eye on what’s been playing out in Washington.

On the streets of Traverse City it was a mixed reaction to the intense and heated hearing that played out Thursday in Washington and the confirmation vote that looms with some standing by Kavanaugh.

“It’s unfortunate this is done like a soap opera, and a lot of people are chi chelated by soap operas, I’m not I’ve always been a quest for the truth thing,” said Matthew Schoech.

Other’s say they’re frustrated with the way Dr. Christine Blasy Ford’s claims have been handled and need to be taken seriously.

“It’s really discouraging, I feel like the whole system is being hijacked and I don’t know where to go with it, I’m sure as a lot of women feel, a lot of women aren’t heard,” said Holly Behrens.

We also spoke with Betsy Coffia from Traverse City on the phone, who’s in Washington protesting during the hearing and confirmation vote.

“Hearing the Senate judiciary committee actively question, and so many others actively question the veracity of her report based on the fact that she waited so long, told me that that they know nothing about what women go through and girls go through and survivors go through,” said Coffia.

And people also remain divided as to what should happen next.

“I think if he were innocent he should go ahead with the FBI investigation. I mean, it makes all the sense in the world and what does he have to hide if he’s not willing to do that,” said Behrens.

“He did a good job of defending himself, his record, which is outstanding, there are a lot of people behind him that believe he is an impeccable man, they believe he’s done a great job for our country,” said Lori Kostrzewa.