Northern Michigan in Focus: Free Coats for Those in Need

Soon winter will be upon us and for those who may need some help with a coat, a Grayling church has your answer.

“This is free for the entire community, and even outside the community. Anybody who needs a winter coat we want to serve,” said Pastor Dave Longstaff.

We all know it’s coming, and the Graying Baptist Church is there to help those who need it this Saturday at 10 a.m.

“Here at the Grayling Baptist Church, we’re going to be giving about 500 coats away, some school supplies and hygiene products, but mostly winter coats,” explained Pastor Dave.

Kindness and giving a helping hand is something Pastor Dave and his congregation believe in. 

“Tremendous need, you would think. Even a coat from Walmart will cost you $50 or $60, and if you have parents with multiple children, it can be very expensive. People out there are just trying to make ends meet,” said Pastor Dave.

But you may want to get to the Grayling Baptist Church early this Saturday.

“First come, first serve. We’re also going to be having some donuts and coffee from Tim Hortons in Gaylord, so this is going to be a great time of helping the community, but also a good time of fellowship and hanging out and talking as well,” explained Pastor Dave.

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