Police: 5 Teens Overdose on Prescription Drugs in East Jordan

On Sunday afternoon five teens in East Jordan were rushed to the hospital following medical emergencies.

East Jordan Police now say all five teenagers overdosed on prescription drugs.

“I think it’s an absolute tragedy, I think that it needs to be something made aware to the public that it’s going on,” said a concerned resident.

It was on Garfield Street, where police found five people between the ages of 16 and 19 overdosing on drugs.

Four were rushed to the hospital, at least one was taken to Grand Rapids.

Many in this community have questions.

“Where are they getting these drugs from and who are supplying these drugs to our children? That’s my biggest concern, how are these children getting their hands on these drugs,” Krystal Waldo, asked.

Police say they were prescription drugs and they want the community to use this incident as reminder about the dangers.

“It’s very disappointing, sad for the families. It’s a very tough thing to deal with, something in our society has a huge problem with. We’re a small town but we still have those same kind of problems,” Brad Jones, said.

“Here we have five kids who very well could have lost their lives and I think it needs to be very apparent to the public and if it’s not like this it should be like this; if you’re in a party situation, minors or not, breaking the law or not, if someone is overdosing or dying, potentially in harm’s way, it needs to be known that it’s okay to call 911,” a resident, added.

Right now we are still working to figure out the conditions of the teens.

Police say this investigation is far from over they are still asking the public for more information.