Gov. Snyder: No End In Sight For Road Work Stoppage

The past three weeks have seen more than 100 road construction projects halt work due to a labor dispute and according to the Governor, work won’t be starting back up anytime soon.

The dispute is between union workers and the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association, a trade group contracted with the state to do these projects.

Their contract ran out earlier this summer and as talks broke down, work was stopped over Labor Day weekend.

Tuesday morning, Governor Rick Snyder met with both sides to find a solution but the sides were not able to get anything done.

“To be blunt there’s not much to say,” says Governor Snyder, “We’re not taking sides, we’re not getting in the middle of a labor dispute but we have a interest of our citizens and we have a lot of road projects that are currently under construction that are not making progress.”

The issue now is time. Three weeks of work wasted means winter is three weeks closer but the two sides in the argument seem even further away from a deal.

“We weren’t able to get a short or long-term solution,” says Snyder, “It was clear the parties were not in agreement, that there was no activity that would immediately take place to get the roadwork going again.”

The Michigan Department of Transportation said they never really had a back up plan because this is such an unprecedented event. They paid tax payer money to these contractors to get the work done this summer and because of their dispute that’s not happening.”

“There isn’t really a track record so were blazing a trail right now,” says Snyder.

The Governor says the state is investigating what they can do. Charge contractors late fees, sue for lack of work done, or possibly turn to the National Guard to step up and man the heavy machinery.

“It wouldn’t be the same as typical construction but would they help button up or get some of the spots better than they are today,” says Snyder.

The Governor seemed very pessimistic that things were going to change before the winter came so we are going to head into next year without this project being done.

For the full list of projects halted in the state, click here.