TCAPS Superintendent Addresses State of the District

Monday night, a once embattled TCAPS superintendent, Paul Soma, updated the school board on the state of the district.

He talked school funding, test scores and building updates. Soma also addressed the work environment in the schools.

“We’re hitting all cylinders on almost every measure…we’re at a tremendous place now,” said Soma. “Our student numbers very strong, as of last week, they’re actually up from last year so that’s in the face of declining demographics. People are satisfied and they’re coming I think that is a result of attention to each and every child.”

Test scores dropped in the schools in recent years but are improving now thanks to teachers like Pamela Forton.

“I know as a teacher we worked really, really hard to make that happen so I want to see if the fruits of our labor paid off,” said Forton.

Superintendent Soma was positive at his state of the district meeting despite the controversial year he’s had.

Soma was accused of intimidation and retaliation but was cleared of those allegations in January. Monday night was a chance for Soma to talk about healthy relationships and a good work environment in TCAPS.

“I can’t let it get in the way of the work or the progress were making,” said Soma. “I’m imperfect, I’ll continue to work at it.”

Soma’s address is the third of four he’ll give before his next evaluation in December.