Students in Mecosta Co. Receive Keys to Fire Truck from Morton Fire Dept.

A public safety class in Mecosta County received the keys to a fire truck as a big donation from Morton Township Fire Department.

The Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District’s career center sounded the alarm upon receiving the donation.

Students suited up in firefighting gear and saluted Fire Chief Sutherby to show their gratitude for the truck.

The donation will help students learn how to respond to a fire, and what they do when they arrive at the scene.

Joy Paquette is a public safety instructor at MOISD and she says it’s an experience that they take with them for their career.

“Hands-on training is not only super exciting because the students get to learn differently than in the typical classroom and they are really excited about this as a career, so the fire truck gets them even more excited for the career of firefighting,” Paquette says.

Fire Chief Sutherby says the station is just happy they can contribute and be part of the process.