Cadillac Carnegie Library Nearing Halfway Mark for Preservation Project

The Wexford County Historical Society is almost halfway to reaching their fundraising goal to preserve the Cadillac Carnegie Library for the next 100 years.

It’s partly thanks to three grants.

The Cadillac Rotary Charities Foundation and the Cadillac Area Community Foundation each awarded the group with $10,000.

The Cadillac and Kellogg for Youth Committee gave $5,000.

All this money will be put toward a new roof, fixing windows, and other structural needs.

It will also fund a replacement for the granite staircase, and help make the museum handicap accessible.

“You want to preserve as many of your historic structures as you can to make sure and provide as much inspiration and opportunity for young people in the community as possible,” says Gwen Dubravec with the Wexford Historical Society Fundraising Committee.

The Wexford Historical Society is having their annual gala October 6.

Money from the event will go toward the restoration campaign’s $600,000 fundraising goal.