Veterans for Peace Celebrate International Day of Peace in Traverse City

Friday was the International Day of Peace and why limit it to one day?

To celebrate, Veterans for Peace in Traverse City hosted events all weekend.

This weekend, the community came together to raise awareness about the importance of peace in our community, our country and our world.

“Try to bring awareness to peace in our community, our country, our world,” said president of Veterans for Peace, Tim Keenan.

Veterans for Peace and the community gathered all weekend at Open Space.

Mayor Jim Carruthers even proclaiming the International Day of Peace in Traverse City.

The group says their goal is to find alternatives to war.

“I’m a Vietnam veteran, I’m a combat veteran, I know what war is all about, I’ve felt it, I still feel it to this day, it never goes away,” said Keenan. “For all those soldiers that right now are out there doing the same thing that I did, you don’t really know what you’re getting into until you’re there and then it’s too late.”

“I’ve seen what war can do, I spent a year in Vietnam and we as young people we didn’t know much but we knew that what we were involved in wasn’t right,” said Phil Houle.

The weekend was full of special guest speakers and music, ending with a march through downtown Traverse City.

The group hopes to bring peace not only to the country but right here in our community.

“It warms one’s heart and brings the hope, as they’re singing about right now, the hope that there will come a time when our young people won’t have to be involved in that and they can be involved in their lives and their families and things that are more conducive to a good society, to a wonderful loving society,” said Houle.