Traverse City Firefighters Running for a Warrior

Traverse City firefighters are battling more than just flames, they are fighting against muscular dystrophy by running alongside a team called Finn’s Fighters.

Finns fighters is a team that raises money and awareness for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The team is centered on one young boy named Fin who faces the disease himself.

Fin is just seven years old and his name means warrior and that is exactly what he is.

“Fin was born here in town and was having some issues with breathing when he was first born and he was transferred down to DeVos where we found out Finley had a disease called Nemaline Myopathy,” said Fin’s Dad, Patrick Sawhill.

A rare disorder that affects his breathing, muscles, and limbs but that doesn’t stop him from being a regular kid.

“He runs around in his wheel chair. He loves playing with his friends, loves going to the beach, loves going to the park,” said Sawhill.

He also loves being side by side with the rest of Finn’s Fighters.

The group of 32 will run in the Chicago Marathon on October 7th to raise money to fight his disease. Five Traverse City firefighters are also running.

“Since 1956 firefighters have been fundraising for MDA. We just thought this year we could up the ante and do a marathon and maybe fundraise a little bit more and bring those funds back to local families that also have kids or adults that have muscular dystrophy or ALS,” said Traverse City firefighter, Jacob Steichen.

The MDA helps pay for Fin’s developmental therapy and medications for his specific disorder.

These firefighters know 26 miles will be a challenge but they know that’s nothing compared to the challenges kids like Fin are facing.

“You can reflect back that there’s kids out there that have a muscle disease they don’t have that option to run,” said Steichen.

“Finn is the inspiration for all the people and it’s pretty incredible to see. When he turns 16 we can push him and that’s my hope one day is that we can all run together,” said Sawhill.

Finns fighters have raised $180,000 for MDA in the last five years but are trying to reach $75,000 for this year. To donate, click here.