Hometown Tourist: The Artists Market on Mackinac Island

In Northern Michigan, we love to celebrate hand-crafted items and those that make them.

There’s a shop called The Artists Market on the Main Street of Mackinac Island where the horses and bikes go by.

It’s a collective of artists from Northern Michigan and nationwide that are dedicated to handcrafted one of a kind items

Nicole Doud owns the Artists Market, as well as a couple of other stores on the island, but she really wanted the artists market to be all about the independent artists and makers she so carefully procures.

“I love supporting the independent artists, and I love handmade and so I just I want to bring those under one roof,” said Doud.

Wander through her store and you’ll hear the clopping of horses and the world of Mackinac Island outside, but you’ll be wrapped up in the unique items and stories behind each artist that fill her store, with more than 100 different artists.

“We have bio cards about each artists because I think it’s important for customers to read about the artist and kind of know the back story about them so they’re e not just looking at this one piece, this one print, that they know how she started or not only about the artist, but about the product as well,” explained Doud.

From Mackinac Island themed items from tea towels to wrapping paper, and pottery you’ll find such unique pieces, and get to know the process and artists behind them.

It’s not all Mackinac themed though, which adds a variety and flair to the market.

Nicole says the joy of finding a hand crafted item is the story behind it.

“I believe that it’s about the story behind it and the hours put into it. That’s what’s enjoyable about it is, I get to know a lot about them as well we do have artist appearances and trunk shows,” said Doud.

A gift that speaks to your experience on Mackinac or just a place to find something that you’ll get to have a story about later, the Artists Market is a place to explore new products and artists.

“It’s a little more specific you know, you’re not just going to find a Mackinac  Island t-shirt here, it’s going to be something more specific. I just want them leaving happy and fulfilled that they’re not only supporting a local business, but also a family in Michigan or the U.S,” said Doud.

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