Halt in Sault Ste. Marie Road Construction Causes Headache for Locals

It’s a dispute we’ve been covering since it started just after Labor Day.

And the verbal sparring between the two parties shows we are long from a resolution.

Thursday the union sent out this release that says the governor and MITA went back on a handshake agreement that would bring workers back to road construction sites around the state, an hour or so later, MITA fired back saying the union leaders are flat out lying.

Either way you look at it road construction is not going on, and its affected projects like this one in the Soo, every day.

“I mean it needs to be done but you know with the strike and everything is making things more worse than what they are,” says Kevin Bosbous, who lives in the Soo.

With little to no traction gained in the ongoing dispute.

The governor is now looking into activating the National Guard to help resume the stalled projects.

MITA says they are in talks with the guard right now.

“We need to get somebody, whether it’s the National Guard or a private contractor we need to get somebody,” Kevin said.

Take it from Kevin, drivers who have to travel the now stalled I-75 business spur project in the Soo are frustrated and aren’t mincing their words.

“Basically the stand still with the lockout basically sucks. It’s not just here, but it sucks. Someone needs to do something to get this back going,” says Rob Hansen, who lives in the Soo.

“You got people backed up for blocks I mean, trying to get into like McDonald’s, lunch hours, getting off of work gets crazy,” Jeff Burse, who lives in the Soo said.

With the lane closures and heavy traffic it could even slow down first responders

“Just with the traffic being backed up a little bit. It may affect our response time a little bit but it doesn’t really affect anything that we are doing,” Capt. Kevin Mohar, Soo Fire Dept. said.

People around this area fear the road will be incomplete for a long time.

“Before the winter time hits, if that other side isn’t done, it’s going to be a mess, Burse said.

“It’s bad enough right now, I can’t imagine going through her in the winter time,” Hansen said.