Northern Michigan Prosecutors, Law Enforcement Speak Out Against Legalizing Marijuana

Prosecutors, law enforcement and community leaders spoke out across the state Wednesday against the ballot proposal to legalize recreational marijuana.

A news conference was hosted Wednesday morning in Cadillac, where the groups are urging voters to vote no.

They say approval would be a disaster for the state.

Words were not minced as Northern Michigan prosecutors, law enforcement and even doctors are asking voters to give the ballot initiative a hard look and a hard no. 

They say what’s happened in other states has given voters a preview of what’s to come.

They cited information from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health which showed drug use rose in young people in states like Colorado and Washington following legalization.

Their concern is the same thing could happen here.

Prosecutors also worry the number of traffic crashes and traffic related deaths will increase, and want voters to head to the polls informed.

“My recommendation is don’t get caught up in what the polls say or what the pundits say, because they quite certain in Ohio and Arizona that is was a done deal and it was far from it, and it’s far from it in Michigan. It’s not over until November 6th when the ballots close,” said Antrim County Prosecutor Jim Rossiter.

Several Northern Michigan counties have also passed resolutions opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana including Antrim and Charlevoix counties.

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