Mackinac Co. Sheriff: Reported Attempted Child Abduction Result of Miscommunication

The Mackinac County Sheriff’s Office says a reported attempted child abduction in the Upper Peninsula was actually just a miscommunication. 

The incident happened Monday afternoon when a mother told police a couple tried to kidnap her 3-year-old outside a business in Curtis.

The mother told police that the suspects physically grabbed her three year old child and tried to bring the kid into the truck with them.

The woman told police the couple who claimed they were from out of town, struck up a conversation about dogs. The mother says they then took hold of her child to show them their dog who was sitting in their truck.

When she noticed what was happening she managed to free her child and the couple took off.

After tracking down the couple and interviewing witnesses, the sheriff’s office determined the incident to be the result of a communication issue.

According to the sheriff’s office, English is a second language to one of the people earlier identified as a suspect, and that may have caused some confusion between the two parties.

The sheriff’s office says no crime was attempted or committed and the couple does not pose a threat to the public.

The case is now closed.