Mackinac County Deputies Looking for Suspects Who Tried Abducting 3-Year-Old

*UPDATE: The Mackinac County Sheriff’s Office says a reported attempted child abduction in the Upper Peninsula was actually just a miscommunication. Read the latest update here.

Deputies in Mackinac County are on the lookout for two people accused of trying to kidnap a 3-year-old child.

Police say Monday afternoon a couple tried to take the child from outside a business in Curtis.

Police say it happened in broad daylight and what they were told is fairly disturbing.

The mother told police that the suspects physically grabbed her three year old child and tried to bring the kid into the truck with them.

The woman told police the couple who claimed they were from out of town, struck up a conversation about dogs. The mother says they then took hold of her child to show them their dog who was sitting in their truck.

When she noticed what was happening she managed to free her child and the couple took off.

The police were called and the local school was notified.

“We went on immediate lockdown and that’s just our procedure for any news of that nature. We always have student safety at the forefront, so we just take every precaution we can to make sure they are safe,” Three Lakes Academy Administrator Rachel Bommarito, said.

Child safety a concern for parents in the area, who are now on edge after hearing the news.

“I’ll be making sure I keep an extra eye on my girls because that is something that being a parent just worries me. They can ride their bike and that up and down the street through here and not worry about anything, you know and now they’re going to be watched extremely carefully,” Sandy Hasenjager, said.

“It’s very devastating, I can’t believe something’s happened like that in this small town, hopefully they find the person that did this,” Tammie Stewart, said.

Here are the descriptions of the two people deputies are looking for and the vehicle they were in:

Suspect #1: A white man, around 60-years-old with a medium build and mustache.

Suspect #2: A middle aged, white woman, described as having bleached blonde hair, wearing heavy make-up with a medium build and height. She was wearing a green pantsuit.

Deputies say they were driving an older model, dull red, full-sized pickup.

It had dog proof netting and a collie dog was seen in the back seat.

It also had a Michigan Fraternal Order of Police specialty license plate like the one.

Anyone with any information regarding this incident is asked to call the Mackinac County Sheriff’s Office.

If you have any information that could help deputies find the suspects, call the Mackinac County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at (906) 643-1165.