Lake City Schools Pulls Family Circle Video From Social Media

Lake City Schools has made the decision to pull a video from social media that showed students, athletes and the community in what they called a family circle.

The video was shared by the school after a football practice in August.

But a civil rights organization had a problem with a public school making the post.

This family circle was done to show support for the football coach’s 4-year-old daughter, Harper, who’s currently battling an illness at a downstate hospital.

The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists says Lake City Schools promoted a religious prayer service by sharing videos on social media

The school announced on Friday that after talking with their attorney they would remove the video from social media to avoid what would likely be a long and costly legal battle.

The decision by Lake City Schools to remove this video from social media was a frustrating one for many Lake City community members, including Jennifer Smith.

“I’m a little disappointed, but I understand they didn’t want to go through the entire litigation process, and possibly pay some heavy duty fines so I understand why they chose to do it,” said Smith.

She, like many, are proud to be part of the #harperstrong movement, and say the family circle in this video was just a small piece of that movement. Jennifer says the attention brought by the civil rights association has only spread #harperstrong.

“All they’ve really done for us is increase the funding, the fundraising, and there are schools down in Jennison that are now wearing #harperstrong on their football helmets,” said Smith.

The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists told us they were pleased with the school’s decision.

“The bottom line is it’s the property of the school and the school has a responsibility to treat it just like any other school property, and that means it has to remain free of religion,” said co-founder Mitch Kahle.

But those in Lake City say, #harperstrong, may now be, stronger than ever.

“As you go down the roads you see many #harperstrong, it’s not going to stop us it’s only going to make us move forward and work harder for the support the family deserves,” said  Elizabeth Kramer.

To donate to the family, you can send a donation to Tammy Smith, P.O. Box 341, Lake City, MI.

The family asks that you put “Harper” on the memo line of any donations you send.