WFQX, Local 32 Returns to Dish Network

WFQX, Local 32/Cadillac Telecasting Company announced Sunday that Dish Network will resume carrying Local 32, effective immediately.

Local 32 is a trusted local station staffed by local people.

In order to maintain growth and deliver our community news, sports and entertainment, investments are continuously made toward technology and hiring hardworking, creative and dedicated people.

It takes hard work, long hours and significant investments to produce our quality programming.

For this reason, Local 32 is excited to once again be carried on Dish Network.

Alex Bolea, President of Cadillac Telecasting, offered the following statement: “We are so pleased that we finally reached an agreement with Dish Network and are able to continue providing our quality programming to Dish subscribers across Northern Michigan. We appreciate the patience and support of our loyal viewers.”

Those with Dish Network who still can’t see Local 32 should power cycle their units, unplugging their TV set and Dish receiver, waiting 15 to 30 seconds then plugging it back in for Local 32 to be restored.