New Computer Science Program Benefits Ludington High School Students

A new computer science program is coming to Ludington High School.

They are one of 21 schools in Michigan to team up with Microsoft to have professionals come in and teach the students.

This program pairs teachers with computer science professionals.

“We’re the only ones that are doing it in West Michigan,” Steve Forsberg, Assistant Principal at Ludington High School.

“The new program that we’re in is TEALS,” Dan Mesyar, Principal at Ludington High School. “It’s really a partnership with Microsoft and we are one of 21 schools across the state and really the only one on the west side of the state who is a part of this program.”

The technology education and literacy in schools program brings trained computer science professionals into the classroom.

“We have professionals across the state for us who will work with our students talking about how their job is interactive with computer science and they usually work for Microsoft or are a part of Microsoft then they come in and work with our students,” says Mesyar.

Bringing this program in sets students up for life after high school and gets them excited to get more experience.

“It’s going to be really fun because we can have volunteers that are actually professionals in computer science then they can help us and then we will be able to have a new perspective on computer science,” says Megan Mulherin, senior at Ludington High School.

“We are big on authenticity here at the school and having skills that transfer from education to the real world,” says Forsberg.

Ludington High School teachers know this program will set their students apart.