Mackinaw City Public Schools Welcome in Two Kids, Family Who Evacuated North Carolina

Many in the southeastern United States heeded warnings and evacuated their homes before Tropical Storm Florence made landfall.

One family made their way to Northern Michigan.

“Today I did my spelling test, I got an A+,” second Grader Olivia Bacher said.

Seven year-old Olivia is bringing home great marks in just her second day at Mackinaw City Public Schools.

Her 12 year-old brother Seth is already making friends.

“There’s so many nice people here, I’m glad they could take us in,” Seth, said.

Welcomed with open arms, they are two of the now 163 students in this small district.

“I think it will help the children get their mind off what’s happening, potentially happening to their home in North Carolina and get them into school and meet some new friends,” Superintendent Jeffrey Curth, said.

New friends are being made, but Florence is still very much on their minds.

“I had to leave people behind, I had to leave all my friends, I had to leave the school, I didn’t know, I could come home and my home couldn’t be there,” Seth, said.

On Tuesday, they made the close to 20 hour drive from their home on the coast of North Carolina.

In bumper to bumper traffic, there was just one thing on their mom’s mind.

“I got to get somewhere safe, I got to get somewhere where my kids can sleep and not worry,” Shauna Bacher, said.

That place was her parents’ home in Mackinaw City.

“I have an uncle who’s a retired rescue swimmer in the coast guard, when he says it’s time to go, it’s time to go, so I said alright mom I’m coming and she said alright the house is here, just get here and get here safe,” Shauna, explained.

And a great choice it was.

“My daughter loves school, my son loves school, to be able to go and just be kids means the world to me,” Shauna, added.

It’s still up in the air when they will return, but in the meantime, they’re more than welcome here in Northern Michigan.

“They’re welcome as long as they want, if they want to move back to Michigan we’d love to have them,” Curth, added.