Hundreds To Saddle Up For 8th Annual Ride For A Cure At D Bar D Ranch

“We do just about anything that has to do with entertaining horse people,” said Don Beach, owner and trail boss at D Bar D Ranch.

D Bar D Ranch has been a home away from home for the past ten years.

“I was a part of the original riding group,” explained rider, Duane Gradisher. “We started here when it was just woods.”

Don always helping bring a smile to faces riding through for a relaxing time. While this weekend will still be relaxing, they’ll be riding for a cure.

“Ride For A Cure is actually something my aunt originated 8 years ago,” said Beach. “It was kind of her vision and she has since passed of cancer, but her vision will go on for a long time.”

Don and his Aunt Ida decided the $25 fee for people to ride for the cure  would be donated to the Susan P. Wheatlake Regional Cancer Center in Reed City.

“You can ride 10 miles with me or five miles with my daughter,” said Beach.

“The atmosphere the excitement about the raising money for the cancer center,” said Randy Dice.

“We have contributed about $150,000 for the center year to date,” said Beach.

An illness unfortunately touching many more than just Aunt Ida.

“We had a number of family members that struggled with it, I even personally struggled with it a little bit,” said Beach. “I lost my father, it’s just something I really have a passion for.”

Even a few riders, walking through the doors of that cancer center each week.

“When you go to a cancer center it’s a scary thing, one thing about Reed City they make you feel like home,” said Gradisher. “The nurses there are just angels, that’s all they are.”

“I also have stage four cancer, I am terminal and the first year I didn’t have the cancer, second year I was diagnosed so it’s very exciting to be a part of it,” explained Dice.

While cancer is rocky road, Randy won’t let that keep him from riding for a cure.

“Ever since I was diagnosed I am a little bit slower, they help me out here, they do everything they can to be family here,” said Dice.

Because after all, they’re all riding through their journeys together.

“Knowing Ida the way we did, she’s become family and I stop in every week and she’s up on the wall at the cancer center, I always say hi to her when I walk by,” said Gradisher.

“Very proud of what we have done and i am sure she’s got a big smile,” said Beach.

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