Munson Nurses Rally for Community Support Over Union Contract in Traverse City

Munson nurses are rallying for community support in Traverse City over a union contract with the hospital that they have been fighting for, for months.

After voting to unionize last year, nurses are looking for the community’s support.

Last month, they filed unfair labor practice charges against the hospital, claiming they are not bargaining in good faith.

But the hospital says they believe they are right on schedule.

The speaking program with nurses and Mayor Jim Carruthers wrapped and nurses were lining Division Street.

They say they want to bring awareness to things like staffing levels and the time it has taken to negotiate their first contract.

The hospital says they believe they are right on track with negotiations, dedicating 1,500 hours to bargaining in 31 sessions, and recently adding 19 more sessions in hopes of reaching a contract.

But nurses say the process has been slow at times and they want an agreement that fully supports their patients, safe staffing levels, while bringing and keeping nurses here in Northern Michigan.

“I want them to know that despite all that they may be seeing, all of the public demonstrations, our focus from our entire healthcare team is on taking care of them and focusing on our patients it’s really what we’re all about,” Al Pilong, Munson Medical Center president said.

“We want the community to be aware of what’s going on and participate and support us in our endeavor because it is, it’s about the hospital and the community and the nurses to me are all one we have to be able to work together,” Kimberlee Lueck, nurse at Munson Medical Center said.

The hospital does want to remind everyone that this is not a strike, and patient care will not be affected.

The hospital and union say they are both going to continue to work hard to find common ground and work towards a contract that is fair for everyone.