Clare Police Chief Cleared of Any Wrong Doing; Returning to Work

The Clare Police Chief has been cleared of any wrong doing following an investigation.

After allegations that he misused the Law Enforcement Information Network, Chief Brian Gregory has now been cleared.

Fellow officers had also accused him of making a hostile work environment which was handled by the City Manager.

The case is now closed and Chief Gregory is preparing to get back on the job after being on paid administrative leave since the beginning of last month.

“Brian is our Police Chief and so it will be good to have him back,” Ken Hibl, Clare City Manager.

“It began with several law enforcement officers in the department making some complaints with the City Manager,” says Michelle Ambrozaitis, Clare County Prosecuting Attorney. “One of those complaints was that Chief Gregory had violated the LEIN rules and regulations.”

City Manager Ken Hibl turned the allegations over to Michigan State Police.

The Clare County Prosecutor, Michelle Ambrozaitis, says the chief did not commit a crime.

There were also allegations of a hostile work environment.

“With the allegations there were only two that I felt that I needed to take action on and the rest of them were either unfounded or weren’t to a level that would cause me concern that he can’t continue his duties,” says Hibl.

The Police Department has challenges ahead but the City Manager says they will have professional consultation.

“We’ve got some wounds we have to heal and we all know that and hopefully we can work together in that,” says Hibl. “They’re a small department and they have to trust each other and so were going to have to find a way.”

They want the people of Clare to continue to support them.

“They still have a great Police Department and please continue to have confidence in their abilities and the job they do because they are top notch,” says Hibl.

Chief Gregory is expected to start back to work tomorrow.