Adult Opportunities for Education at Northwestern Michigan College

It’s fun to expand your mind and learn something new, which men and women of all ages have been doing at Northwestern Michigan College.

From kids to 50 and older, classes are uniquely offered to give people what they want, says Laura Matchett, NMC’s Director of Extended Educational Services.

“We’re the non-credit side of the house, so we can offer whatever we think people want,” Matchett says.

Anyone who wants to challenge themselves can take classes in a variety of areas, from dog training to, fitness, culinary, photography and others.

NMC has a popular Northern Naturalist Certification program that has a series of classes to choose from that go towards the certificate. It includes outdoor classes like animal tracking, shoreline habitats at the dunes, birding, and mushroom identification.

And something made specially for those 50 and older, there is NMC’s Life Academy program, which offers classes on retirement, finances, global issues and the creative arts.

“Our goal is to keep the community engaged by offering classes that are not only stimulating and inspiring, but also connect them to the community,” Matchett says.

For more information on the multitude of courses and programs offered by NMC, head to

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