Yoga For Beginners Part 5: Down Dog, Plank

Trying to find a way to get a little exercise in at home?

Continuing on from what we’ve done that last few weeks, we are back at the Evolve yoga & Fitness Studio with Nicole Rogers with a couple new yoga poses. These poses are great for anyone, even if you are just starting your yoga journey.

Down Dog

Start at the back of the mat, slowly fold downward and walk your hands to the front of the mat.

Keep your hands shoulder width apart, and push heels down towards the ground.


From your down dog walk your feet back to the end of your mat

Make sure you have a solid foundation with hands shoulder width apart

Hold the pose and let it work core

The pose can be modified to move down to your knees if it gets too hard

Rodgers says she loves these two poses because “we are engaging the entire body”.

If you love these poses, you can check out more below or visit the Evolve yoga & Fitness Studio’s website here for more information.

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