Vice President Pence Returns to Michigan

Vice President Mike Pence once again visited Michigan, this time touting manufacturing and energy in Grand Rapids. Pence gave a 22 minute speech at Mill Steel after touring the facility with Governor Rick Snyder.

“If you think about it, this is his eighth trip to Michigan since he’s taken office,” says Snyder, “I’m trying to get him to be a resident. We got to encourage this and ask him to keep coming.”

President Donald Trump and VP Pence made it very clear how important Michigan is to their strategy in their campaign in 2016. They continue to keep coming back to tout their work, this time import tariffs and job creation.

“We say out here in the heartland, we do two things especially well. We make things and we grow things.” says Pence, “I’m pleased to report to you that in the last year and a half manufacturers are growing again by adding more than 378,000 manufacturing jobs.”

Repeatedly, stressing the support of the president, Pence also applauded Mill Steel for taking advantage of the administration’s tax cuts.

“As a result of the recent tax cuts we were able to pass on to our associates a $1,000 bonus,” says Mill Steel CEO David Samrick.

The tax cut and tariffs have been controversial, but Pence said they have been working because the state government has been supportive from the beginning.

“I’m grateful for Governor Snyder for the way he stood with us and has been a voice for the need and changes that we’ve made in taxes and regulation,” says Pence.

Mill Steel is growing and attributes it to these moves, a shining example of success for the Trump administration.

“American steel is coming back,” says Pence.