New Lyfe Restorations Donating More Bikes to Children After 10 Stolen

A one man tour de force, Robert Burroughs at New Lyfe Restorations, fixes and donates bikes to kids in need.

Last Monday he had 10 bikes stolen from his garage in Kalkaska.

After a Facebook post about the stolen bikes, the community donated bike parts and money to replace the stolen equipment.

After all the donations, Robert was able to provide four more bikes to kids than he originally planned.

“I looked at my PayPal account and saw the number there and I’m like ‘oh my gosh for the first time I can actually purchase more than one or two tires at a time and I can put together six or eight or 10 bikes with new parts,’” Burroughs said.

If you would like to make any donations to New Lyfe Restorations, click here.