Munson Medical Center Donates Overdose Reversal Drug to Traverse City Police Dept.

“It’s a great benefit to the officer, the actual person that is overdosing and the community.”

Munson Medical Center will help the Traverse City Police Department save lives with a naloxone donation.

In 2016 Munson Medical Center donated 50 naloxone doses to the Traverse City police department.

Naloxone is a drug that reverses an overdose.

The donation was an effort to help the police department save lives in overdose cases.

After a police request due to expiration dates, the department received another 40 doses that should last another two years.

“The community benefited greatly by just the lives that could be saved by our officers carrying naloxone instead of having to wait for the Traverse City Fire Department or North Flight, we can already begin to administer naloxone,” Sergeant Matt Richmond said.

The nalaxone doses will be part of an OD kit that officers will carry in their patrol cars.