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Tech on Tuesday: Talking With Teens About Instagram – A Parent’s Guide

If you’re a parent, you probably worry about your teens being on social media.

It’s hard to know how your teen is using sites like Facebook and Instagram, especially if you’ve never logged in yourself.

Instagram is working to help parents understand how their teens are using their site and guide them to use the app in a positive way.

Last week, Instagram announced its newest resource, . 

A Parent’s Guide focuses on how to manage privacy, interactions and time on Instagram.

A Parent’s Guide is designed to give parents an overview of what Instagram is, the tools available to keep teens safe and provide conversation starters for talking with your teen about Instagram to ensure they are using it in a safe and positive way.

Instagram’s new guide breaks down the app’s safety tools and policies, and even walks parents through the steps to block unwanted interactions and manage privacy.

Instagram’s A Parent’s Guide also includes a set of questions parents can use to help guide a conversation with their teen about Instagram. The goal is for parents to use the questions to learn more about how their teen is using Instagram and help make sure they’re using the app in a positive way. Some of the questions include asking teens what they would do if they saw someone being bullied on Instagram, and if they know about the reporting tools and offensive comment filter on Instagram.

The guide includes a glossary of Instagram terms, so parents can be as fluent in social media speak as their teens.

A Parent’s Guide is available online, where parents can also to access anytime.

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